Telehealth Consultations

Healthcare should not stop to the ones who need it, when they need it. Hence, we have worked on our Telehealth Consultation program to make the healthcare reach to you remotely, if you can’t physically come to get it.

Your regular physiotherapeutic care program is modelled on this process:

  1. Problem Description.
  2. Diagnosis & Benchmarking.
  3. Formulation of a Recovery Plan.
  4. Therapeutic Session with Hands On Treatment.
  5. Home Exercises.
  6. Follow Up and Further Planning.

Apart from the part where you receive manual therapy, all other aspects of physiotherapeutic care can be delivered remotely. You don’t have to wait for the pandemic to resolve, to get the care you need.

How Do Telehealth Consultations Work?

At TruCare, we have a standardized approach ready to be tailored as per your needs. Here is how it works at TruCare:

  • Download the Free PhysiApp:
  • This will help you with video calling, texting, exercise prescriptions and progress tracking throughout the program. The app is optimized for data privacy and security. We can perform the initial consultation session and diagnosis on the app without any hassles.
  • Activate Your Personalized Link:Once you join the teleconsultation program with us, we will send you a unique code. The code will take you to your personalized set of exercises, based on your specific history and medical profile.
  • Follow Up for Progress:
  • You can follow up with us using the texting feature in the app

What are the Costs of Telehealth Consultations?

Here is how the pricing for these sessions works:

Basic: $75

Standard: $125

Monthly: $150

1 Video Consultation Session

2 Video Consultation Sessions

4 Video Consultation Sessions

Tailored PhysiApp Exercise Program

Tailored PhysiApp Exercise Program

Tailored PhysiApp Exercise Program

1 Week Follow Up Access via Secure Messaging

2 Weeks Follow Up Access via Secure Messaging

4 Weeks Follow Up Access via Secure Messaging

Good For: Minor Conditions

Good For: Mild injuries causing some disruption in life & sports

Good For: Post-Surgical Rehabilitation, Chronic Conditions and Major Injuries

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