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Having worked with several clients over the years, we understand that in many cases it is virtually impossible for the client to come and visit us in person. This can be due to an unforeseen emergency or physical condition. But we believe that care should not be limited by geographic or physical constraints. Hence we have the Home Visits service running to help you in the comfort of your living.

We conduct the Home Visits to provide:

  • Increased Independence
  • Improved Balance
  • Strengthened Core
  • Incremental Flexibility
  • Improve Mobility

Our Home Visits help Clients:

  • Witnessing Acute Pain
  • Who Have Mobility Affecting Disability
  • Seeking Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
  • With Decreased Mobility Due to Age

Here is how we can help you out with our Home Visits, depending on your current medical profile:

People Witnessing Acute Pain

Even the thought of commuting to a physiotherapist can seem daunting when you are facing acute pain. For such conditions, we follow our perfected approach:
  • We conduct a thorough analysis of your pain and medical profile to indicate cause of the pain.
  • In the Home Visit, we may use Gentle Massage, Dry Needling, Guided Stretching and Taping to help you alleviate the pain or decrease its intensity.
  • Along with this, we give comprehensive advice on postures and exercises to help you manage the pain.

People with Mobility-Effecting Disability

It can be very challenging to commute when one has mobility-effecting disability. We generally bring a small set of equipment to help you with the program. We design the program with you, depending on your gaols and history. Generally:
  • We start with Manual Therapy, Gentle Massage, Dry Needling and Supervised Exercises.
  • The Supervised Exercises are designed to help you receive strength, balance and functional movement training with gait re-education.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

The first few weeks after a surgery, big or small, can be critical on the path to full recovery. We understand the stress of these times and hence take special care of your comfort while providing our Home Visits.

We generally start our program with Manual Therapy to alleviate post-surgery pain and swelling. Post this, we work with you to establish goals and then devise a plan to manage the rehabilitation process. We monitor your progress and consistently tweak the plan to optimize it for your comfort and pain alleviation.

Decreased Mobility Due to Age

We take special care in helping senior clients gain a good degree of mobility, flexibility and strength with our Home Visits program designed for them. We bring a treatment along with the necessary equipment to help you comfortably get started with the program.

We tailor the program as per your special needs and conduct supervised sessions for fast progression.

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