Career Awareness Seminar

This is intended to give insight into the importance of Career Planning. The purpose is to make the students aware about selecting the stream after SSC and also the career path amongst the several career options available after HSC.

Career Fairs/ Exhibition

Various types of Career Charts are displayed as a part of the career awareness programme for students at all levels. This gives them a close view into the options available to them after their schooling.

Career Counseling Session

An individual Career Counseling session is conducted after the student undergoes a Aptitude Test. This involves one to one interaction of the Vocational Counselor with the student in the presence of his/her parents.

Parental Counseling

Parents play a vital role in the development of a student. So, Parental Counseling is open for parents to share the problem areas of their wards.

Child Counseling

There are several changes in our culture that have a tremendous impact on the discipline and roles as parents. With this complex society, it becomes essential that today parents need training, not because they are incapable but because parenting is no longer simple. Today parenting is an art, to be practiced to excel in it. Group Counseling is conducted for better parenting, giving the parents ways and solutions to deal with their child at any level.

Personal Counseling

Psychological Counseling Sessions are available to deal with personal or adjustment problems. It is focused to deal with interpersonal relationships and personal conflicts for the betterment of life.

Academic Counseling

Studies!!! This is an important part of student’s life. One needs to study to have a bright future and to keep up with the expectations of elders/ parents. This clearly states that in today’s competitive world if the student wishes to achieve the best then he/she needs to excel in studies. ‘Study Skills Sessions’ are organized where the students are given the practical techniques they can follow for betterment of their academics.


Seminar are organised for Parents and students focusing on the array of issues existing with the present complex society. The seminar includes wide range of topics from parental tips to how to build up positive relationship, tackling teenage problems etc.

Psychological Test

This is specially designed for students 7th and 8th Grade, to give them an idea about their existing ability, skills, interest and personality traits.

Aptitude Test

Scientifically designed paper pencil tests are used to obtain clear and in- depth profile for students of Grade 9th to 12th and college students, that facilitates the career decision-making process. The Aptitude Test helps the student to discover the hidden potentials and competence, identify the areas that need to be developed, know short and medium term career plans and design a right career path.

Psychometric Assessment For Professional​

Psychometric tests are standardized psychological measurements of knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits. It works as a screening tool for a working professional. It helps in identifying areas of training and development. It gives them insight into their for job performance. It helps to understand the strengths and limitations and guides them scientifically about how effectively they can proceed at their work place.

Self Development Workshops

These are aimed to enhance the skills of the individuals. These workshops are of all age groups. The workshops designed are informative and interactive. These bring out the right attitude to be a winner. It also focuses on Personal development which is a vital part in a person's growth, maturity, success and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.

MBTI (Myer-briggs Test Indicator)

It is a self-report questionnaire of international recognition, for all who wish to get an in-depth knowledge about oneself. This is an instrument that describes rather than prescribes; and therefore is used to open possibilities and not to limit options. It identifies preferences, not skills, abilities or competences. It helps you develop clarity about own preferences- work and personal.