CAREER HORIZONS® A Counseling Centre With A Team Of Expert Professionals Focuses On The Overall Development Of The Individuals. Established In 2002, It’s Been Operational For Last 19 Years, With The Goal Of Offering The Best Counseling Services To Our Clients.

We are into Child Counseling, Academic Counseling, Parental Counseling, Psychological Testing, Personal Counseling, Workshops, Seminars, Teachers Training Workshops, and Psychometric Assessments (For working Professionals)). We also offer Aptitude Testing/ Career Counseling for School and College students to carry out the Career Planning Process in a rationale manner, eliminating the chances of regrets.Our team of psychologists is here to listen to your problems and help you to create the tools to deal with your issues in a more positive, effective and healthy manner with total trust and confidentiality.

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I am Parul Joshi from Surat. In 2015 I came to know about Arti Madam from my sister. She got very good guidance for her daughter related to education and career. Later in 2016 I too approached Arti Madam for career counselling for my daughter. She had confusion regarding career choices after completing MSC IT. We were guided very well and got clarity about the career path. I really appreciate her Counseling Skills. Thanks to Arti Mam!

Parul Joshi


I have been availing the Counseling sessions since I was in class eighth. Initially I was a bit hesitant, but later my Psychologist Arti Desai made me feel comfortable that I had many Counseling sessions which have helped me not only improve my academics but also my personal issues.

Aaliya Maniar

Student-Class 11th

Counseling has helped me a lot. It has helped me for my studies and also towards developing better friends in school. I have availed the Counseling services for the entire academic year by Arti Desai

Ayman Memon


People have a wrong notion about Counseling. But I personally feel that every person has a set of problems and we need a professional counselor to solve them.

My experience with the school psychologist, Arti Desai has been beyond words. I have always got the support and guidance to overcome my worries and difficulties. She has helped me to realize my potentials and be the best in what I am.

Aneri R Shah


I would like to thank, Arti Desai, for counselling me in the best way possible, where i overthought certain situations and for making me realise as to how it was pretty normal to have such phases in life. So i sincerely thank you, for showing the potential of tackling such inapt situations. Here i wish you loads of luck for your future!

Prerna Soni

I have known Ms Arti Desai for last 7 years. I had approached her for career guidance of my children. I thank her for giving the right career guidance to both my kids. Today, they are into the profession that Ms Arti had recommended for them. Besides, her counselling services have even proved an asset to my organisation.  I must say she has a strong hold in Psychometric testing, as she has conducted the testing sessions for majority of my employees. Her analysis of the test is so accurate and perfect that she has guided me for the selection of my employees. It has also helped me as well as my employees to know their hidden potentials and personality traits. Her Tests are a pre-requisite before any hiring in our organisation

Joy Doctor

Selpast Export Pvt Ltd

Dear Ms Arti, Thank you so much for helping me in my hard time. I came to you twice for the counselling session and both the sessions where precious to me. Thank you for your advice. I applied it in my daily life and I am very satisfied. Thank u once again.

Vedanshi Doshi


Almost ten years ago I met Ms Arti Desai at my school as a counselling psychologist. At that time I was worried about my career. I was facing so many problems regarding my studies and also the pressure of my family to get good grades. I felt I was lucky enough to receive quality guidance and counselling from her. I always went in with a list of problems and came out with solutions.After certain counselling sessions progressed, she tried to understand me and helped me to see things with a broader perspective and in a realistic way. . This made me clear about my goals. She was friendly, cooperative and encouraging which have now given me a clear vision to see my bright future. All credit goes to my teacher-friend Arti Desai.I would like to thank her for helping me to find the best out of me as an IC engineer which is the highest qualification I have today. Ma’am thank you so much for the guidance.

Charmy Panchal

Working Professional

Hello all reading this section,

I can say I am more a student of Arti ma’am rather than being her client. I have known Arti ma’am since my school days when i was just in grade 6.I went to her with lot of confusions in my mind and all haphazard. She and her counselling services helped me grow as a HUMAN. Her motivational view points, guidance at every step help me flourish in my academics and raised my graph of marks to a great extend. Ma’am and her services were always there as a helping hand to me in my career and as well as in taking major life decisions. I dedicate my life and whatever I am to her and the services provided, the help she gave, the guidance was just so proper and the career options were just so right for me. Thank you ma’am and thank you for all your services .

Kaneeka Bajaj

MA- psychology student

Few years ago I had taken aptitude test under Ms Arti Desai after my 10th and she had suggested me to pursue CA and MBA (Finance).  I have successfully completed my CA with all India 13th rank few months back and I am in my final semester of my MBA. And now, I am presently working with reliance industries. I am very grateful to you for your career assistance.
Thanks a lot Madam!. You have played a very important role by giving me such wonderful guidance. Once again thanks a lot for your help.

Himali Shah

Chartered Accountant/ MBA(Finance)

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